My grandfather who passed away a few months back was a very kind-hearted man. He gave a girl the opportunity to buy his house even though she didn't have the credit to get it financed herself. I personally knew this was a really bad idea, and I'm sure he did too, but he did it anyway. She moved away after a few months, stopped paying my grandfather, and let her trash relatives move in and completely destroy the place.

My father completely remodeled this house before these people moved in. They refused to leave the house, so my father had to go through a ton of legal red tape to have them removed. This is what's left of it. Not only did they completely trash the place, they sold the water heater and all the appliances that my grandfather paid for. These people are damn lucky they were dealing with my father and not me.

I'm making it my personal mission to keep tabs on these people. They aren't exactly low key. I know who they are. I know their names, what they look like, and I have met them in person on more than one occasion. They will go to jail for the theft and they will face civil charges for the damages they caused. My father and grandfather were kind hearted. I am not. If you act like trash, you deserve to be treated like trash. This wasn't one or two accidental acts. This was hundreds of intentional acts for months on end. I have no pity for these people, and if I have anything to do with it, they will get hit with every possible charge and the maximum possible sentence for every one. Here are a few pictures of them selling my grandfathers stuff on FB. I cropped out their names but the police have the full photos.