The Harry Potter birthday party was a hit! Normally I spend a crazy amount of time on DIY decorations but this time I wanted to pass on the back pain and aggravation of last minute templates to hand cut and excessive amounts of hot glue sticks to go through (still went through a ton of glue sticks). I still had a huge DIY undertaking with the candles and the flying keys...

Flying Harry Potter Keys
Harry Potter floating candles
Hogwarts house banners

The banners didnt take long at all but I had 24 candles to string and hang and 65 keys to glue wing to and then string and hang also.

Platform 9 3/4
DIY Platform 9 3/4 with brick wrapping paper

Of course Doc's Notre Dame flag has to be peeping out.

Harry Potter flying keys
Floating candle ceiling
Harry Potter Birthday
Harry Potter flying keys
Harry Potter birthday