Turns out something that sounded so simple could be so dang tedious. I suppose it would help if I knew how all the inner workings and settings of the programs I'm using work, like PowerPoint and Microsoft Office. A basic knowledge of the internets in general would likely help as well but where's the fun in that. I bought decorations for my sons Hogwarts themed birthday party but I really wanted the acceptance letter to be special. In case you haven't caught on my son wants a Hogwarts themed birthday party. He's all in on the Harry Potter stuff and I'm more than happy to oblige. Like I was saying, I want the Hogwarts acceptance letter to be special so instead of ordering a personalized one off the many websites that do that kind of thing I figured I would flex my DIY boss level skills and pump one right out. Nope. I've already spent hours finding the exact wording that was on the letter in the movie, the perfect font to match, the right kind of paper for the letter and envelope....I'll keep you updated and post some final pics, I think it's gonna be pretty magical!


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