A "reimagined" Beavis and Butthead is set to make a splash on Comedy Central.  The series creator Mike Judge and 3 Arts Entertainment made a deal to bring back the iconic 90's characters for Viacom CBS's Comedy Central. So far the season is on the books for 3 seasons and the deal included Judge creating additional spinoffs and specials for Comedy Central. The network is also going forward with "Jodie" a spinoff of Daria (also from Beavis and Butthead).

Just like with any show the details are few but there are talks of possibly aging the two characters. In a press release announcing the deal it was said that the characters "are entering a whole new Gen-Z world ". It won't take much of a Google to find out more information on what's to come but as for me I'm not looking forward to yet another of my childhood favorite shows getting ruined by another attempt at a remix.

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