Doc isn't like me when it comes to celebrations. It's not that he doesn't care, he's just not as good at parties as I am. So for him to do what he did meant more than I can ever express. This man has hooked me up with not one but TWO suprise karaoke birthday parties!!!!! I LOVE karaoke and being with friends and singing makes me so happy! Mix in some unicorn cake and balloons that can be shaped like duck bits and you got yourself a damn good time!

Suprise birthday party

Theres aren't words! So Doc had planned a suprise bday celebration (with a very minimal amount of people, honestly like 12) that he was planning on having in the top area of a bar so that we could keep as close to social distancing safe practices as possible. He had my friends getting balloons and cakes and fun stuff orderd and was probably feeling pretty good about this big gesture he was about to pull off when he sees that Gov. Abbot is shutting down bars here in Texas. He had no choice but ruin the suprise and spill the tea. He was so disappointed...or so I thought, that he couldn't do this super cool thing for me. He really laid it on thick too and believe me when I say that he is NOT a good liar. Long story short he got me...he got me good! Thank you to everyone who had a hand in one of the best birthdays ever!