There we have it folks. Cam Newton is going to be a Patriot. Looks like Ole Bill has a plan. First off, Belichick knows what he's doing WAAAAAAAY more than I do. Please keep in mind, this is just a moderate football fan spouting off his opinion and nothing more. I have several friends who know more about the game than I ever will. I'm just an average fan at best.

Cam Newton is a BEAST for sure. I definitely didn't mind having him as my QB on my fantasy team a couple of years back. Bill Belichick may in fact be the greatest coach of all time. I personally have issues with the things he does to "give his team an edge" as a lot of Pats fans say. In my opinion, champions don't cheat. However, that edge would be wasted on a lesser coach. He is no doubt great at what he does. If he pulls off another Superbowl without Brady, his greatness will  be without question. Here's the problem with that.

Cam is a beast. Bill is a beast. The Pats are a great team. The problem is, Cam's style and Bill's style are NOT the same. I see issues ahead with Cam falling in with Bill and his coaching style. I really don't think this year will be their year. Going from Tom Brady to Cam Newton is a huge switch. Is the talent there? No doubt. Antonio Brown was talented too. We all see how that worked out. Now think about the rest of the team and the culture they have become accustom to. Is it impossible that Cam might fit in well? No. However, you'd be crazy not to have your doubts.

If talent were the only factor, then I'd straight up declare right now that our Cowboys will destroy every team this season. They have arguably a gathering of the most talented players combined, but we all see how that worked out last year. McCarthy may be a great coach. Dallas may have some great players. The patriots may be a great team. But how that all works together as a whole is the only thing that really matters. A football team is a phalanx. They are only as strong as their weakest link. Cam's bold and sometimes boastful attitude may be the thing that makes him the weakest link for the Patriots.

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