Forty-six! That’s the rough estimated number I came up with when trying to figure out how many bars we have here in the town of Mid-Land  (I like to put a pause between the "mid" and the "land," to make sure I don’t somehow slip up and say Midland. I can’t stand hearing people pronounce it like that but the more I hear, it the more it gets in my head and the more chance there is of it coming out of my mouth like that!).

There are 46 bars in Midland. I’m not sure I believe that. I mean, I feel like there are less, but should be more.

What are the most popular bars, I suppose, is the real question and the more relevant question, so let’s see:

Here is my list in no particular order, tell me what you think!

  • 1

    Beer Garden

  • 2


  • 3

    Cinergy-yes I know its not a bar but its fun to drink at the movies ok!

  • 4


  • 5

    Triple Threat

  • 6

    Riley’s - Cause they have the best damn bloody mary’s in town ;-)

  • 7

    Rockstar Karaoke - Otherwise known as the old Woofers and Tweeters

  • 8

    The Blue Door

  • 9

    The Wine Rack

  • 10

    Cigar Frogs

  • 11

    Bourbon Street

  • That’s really all I can think of and I know I’ve left some out but that’s where you guys come in….so go!

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