I don’t know about you guys but for me there is nothing more relaxing than a stiff glass of whiskey on the rocks at the end of a long hard day.

However, the price tag that goes along with said elixir of the Gods, that’s not so relaxing. So I figured I would share my list of go-to cheapies.


Don’t be afraid of the bottom couple of shelves people.


Keep in mind, I wouldn’t necessarily recommend all these whiskies for drinking straight, a few for sure, but not all.  So if you come across one that curls you’re nose when you try it straight out of the bottle…I warned you.


In no particular order.

  • Fighting Cock

    This stuff is 103 proof and yet not near has harsh as you would imagine.

  • Old Fitzgerald

    I haven’t been able to get around to trying this one myself but I have heard wonderful things.

  • Evan Williams Single Barrel

    I liked this one right out of the box, smooth like Crown only not as snobby.

  • Very Old Barton

    I keep this one in my liquor cabinet at all times, good to mix and on the rocks.

  • Old Crow Reserve

    If you’ve seen this one and thought, “24 bucks? Ew”, Think again son. This stuff is prit dern good.

  • Four Roses Bourbon

    Another I’ve been meaning to try but the stores I’ve been to don’t seem to carry it.

  • Bulleit Bourbon

    When I saw the bottle for this one, I wanted it immediately. Sadly, I haven’t gotten around to tasting it just yet but I’m told it’s good with in an old fashioned.

  • Elijah Craig

    I feel like I’ve tried this one, or I might have just dreamt it but in the dream it was really good.

  • Old Grand Dad

    Can’t find it in any of the stores around town but I have a friend who owns a store and I’m told it can be ordered if you ask nicely.

  • Old Fitzgerald

    Yet another I haven’t had the pleasure of tasting but I know it’s a winner, I have some hard core whiskey friends who say “It’ll do” and when a real whiskey drinker tells you that you know it’s good.

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