So I have a friend who shall remain anonymous who recently went on a date that really got me questioning the integrity of all men in the Midland/Odessa area.
The things that this man did may seem small when you hear them but you have to remember I may talk like I’ve lived in a trailer with pink flamingos in the front but my standards in regards to men are more that of Disney princess.  It’s true, and I strongly feel like women are starting to let the bar fall when it comes to such things and they shouldn’t.
Women, have our standards fallen so that we have somehow knowingly or unknowingly allowed the other gender to get lazy with the way they treat us?
Let’s just get into it, so my friend was supposed to be in attendance at a concert at which I too would be attending, that’s how I was made privy to the date situation.
I’m nosey and have no filter, plus this wasn’t the type of concert this particular friend would normally be at so for a second I thought I had successfully brought her over to the dark side but alas, it was not.
This guy asked her out and chose diner and a concert as a first date.  Which is actually a pretty sweet first date IF you’re taking a girl to a concert you know she’s going love.
That was not the case, this guy was taking her to a concert he wanted to go to without taking into consideration her musical interests at all.
He wanted to pick her up at 5, 5 o’clock in the afternoon….the concert doors don’t even open until 8pm, plus really?  Seriously, 5 on the dot? 
He showed up to her house at 4:30pm, half an hour early to pick a girl up for your first date is a huge fail. 
He was standing at her door with a can of red bull in his hand, as if to say he was gonna need a little help to get through the time they were spending together.
Once inside her house as he was half an hour early she needed to go grab some things from her bedroom and he followed her….to her bedroom.  Fellas, in case you didn’t know.
How much of a faux pas this was allow me to be the one to lay this rule out for you with full disclosure, you never, ever, ever follow a woman to her room without being asked, especially when that woman is one you barley know. 
Once in the vehicle this gentlemen played a variety of scream/death metal for their listening pleasure along with some of his very own recordings from the garage band he was in when he was in high school.
If you are trying to impress a girl this is not the way.
Upon their arrival to the restraint he dug in his pocket for a roll of tums and popped one in his mouth before they got out of the car-at this point my friend is wondering what kind of IBS incidents she will be lucky enough to witness on this her first date with the garage band super star.
His dress was that of a teenager, t-shirt, jeans and tennis shoes….no, no and no. 
If I could teach a class on macking, dating and all around panty chasing I swear I would and I don’t even think I’d charge tuition because it would be considered charity.
A first date is not the time to make a statement about overall laziness when it comes to attire, I’m not saying coat and tails but damn dude really?
They did not make it to the concert and the date was over after dinner. 
All in all its not as if he showed up with rope and a shovel, the small things he did wrong weren’t horrific but they were bad enough to end the hope of any future contact and any hope he may have had of getting laid.
The moral of the story is men are children and need to taught in the ways of women. 

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