Southeast Missouri State students are rallying behind their school president after the educator received backlash for a video of him doing a beer bong. Most educators are always looking for ways to connect with their students and become more relatable to them. One university president found a great way to bond with students during a football game tailgate, but now is facing scrutiny for the act. Dr. Carlos Vargas is the head of Southeast Missouri State University in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. Before a school football against Southern Illinois University in Carbondale, Illinois, a student recorded on Snapchat Dr. Vargas hanging out with students and taking a beer bong from a pretty cool skull beer bong. The video of the chugging administrator was posted on Twitter and has received almost 3,000 likes and 700 retweets. While the student body has applauded Vargas for his drinking abilities, the other school administrators weren't as impressed. Dr. Vargas put out a statement apologizing for his actions and saying he regretted his drinking decision. He continued that a beer bong is usually associated with binge drinking, which is something he doesn't condone. These actions he says project an image he isn't proud of and isn't flattering,


(This is) certainly not expected from the president of Southeast Missouri State University...I made a poor decision, and, for my action, I apologize to the students, faculty, staff, alumni and friends of Southeast Missouri State University...Last, but not least, I apologize to the Board of Regents, and to the community at large. This serves to me as a reminder that I must always be mindful of my actions and behavior, and I can assure you this will not happen again."

While some may have been shocked and appalled at Dr. Vargas' behavior, the students of the school are voicing their strong support of Vargas, calling him very interactive with students and a great president. According to Fox News, the school even gave examples of his commendable actions that make him stand out as a college president: "cheering with fans, instead of watching from one of the luxury boxes, and another instance of him helping a student study in the library". The school's Board of Regents also gave their support this week. The president of the board released a statement as well, giving examples of what a fine leader he has been at the school,

" While this certainly represents a lapse in judgment on his part, this one incident does not define who he is...Since joining Southeast Missouri State University as President in 2015, Dr. Vargas has demonstrated great leadership.  He has a unique relationship with students that is unmatched at most institutions; and he is respected by faculty, staff, alumni, and many others.  As President of the Southeast Missouri State University Board of Regents he has my support, and that of the full Board, now and in the days, weeks and months ahead. "


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