I'm sure everyone has been thinking about that 1 thing you're gonna do as soon as everything opens back up. I know I have. Some people want to go see a movie, or get their hair cut. Me? I just want to go to Bubba's, sit in a booth, and order an ice cold Dos Equis with 2 lime wedges. It may not be your beer of choice but man, there isn't a whole lot on this green earth for me that is more refreshing with a meal. It has to be on tap too. It just doesn't cut it from the bottle. Bubba's is pretty good about keeping their beer lines clean too. If you go to a place where they don't regularly clean the lines, it just doesn't taste as good. I'm actually kind of ashamed to say this, but the first thing I did when I heard the state was re-opening, was call Bubba's and ask them when they'd be open. I just hope I can get in with only 25% capacity being allowed....also, I want wings with blue cheese.

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