Just look at that pretty smoke ring. This is a 16 lbs brisket I got from United Supermarket over by my house. I noticed their signs going up and while the stores have pretty much stayed the same looks wise, I can say their meat market has definitely improved. Here's my recipe for the perfect brisket.

Ingredients: Salt, Pepper, Brisket, Olive Oil, DONE! Here is a pic of it just going in.


Prep: I don't trim mine before cooking. I like the fat on it. Not because it melts into the meat, because excess fat doesn't. I like it because it protects the meat. rub olive oil all over it. This helps the spices to stick to it. I HEAVILY salt and pepper it the day before then wrap it and set it in the fridge. This is a 16 lbs brisket. Don't be afraid to season the living hell out of it. Cover it in S&P. This is what will makeup that awesome bark as it cooks.


You can see in the pic that it's starting to get that bark on it. This pic was taken about 7 hours in. Now, I'd say allow 12 hours to cook a brisket, but really the meat chooses how long it takes. Set that temp to 250 degrees and just let it ride. Don't rush it. Now this part is important. Have a spray bottle on hand filled with 1/3 apple cider vinegar, and 2/3 water. Spritz the brisket once an hour. Don't move the brisket. Just do your best to get all the angles. Most people wrap their brisket at some point. I don't. For me, there is never too much bark so I leave it exposed for the entire cook. The only reason to wrap, is if you hit a temperature stall and want to use butcher paper to wrap it up and make the internal meat temp rise faster. As long as you're spritzing and keeping that temp at 250, you'll be just fine.


This is VERY important. Once you hit an internal temp of 200 in the thickest part of the meat, take it out but DO NOT cut into it yet. Wrap it in butcher paper, and put it either in a cooler or the oven for 1 hour. Don't put ice in the cooler. Don't turn the oven on. Just let it rest while wrapped for an hour. That rest time is VERY important. After that, slice and enjoy. You might even look up a youtube video on how to slice it. Brisket has a grain to it and if you don't slice it the right way, it'll be too tough.

Hope you enjoy your brisket it as much I as enjoyed mine.

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