I'm craving a burger so bad right now, but not just any burger. I want to go grab the greatest burger that The Basin has to offer. I loves me a Big Mac but Mickey D's just ain't gonna cut it. Of all the places here in the area, a few came to mind but it occurred to me that there may be some I haven't tried. Let me make a quick list of the ones I've been to so we don't talk around in circles lol. Here's the list below.

Bob's Better Burger is great but I go there pretty often because they're right by my house. Whitehouse Meat Market is definitely up there but they aren't far from the station and I eat there about 2x a month. Oscars Supper Burrito in Midland....Personally, they have my favorite burger in the Basin so far. Their burritos are BOMB and their salsa is THE BEST hands down, but man their Supermax Burger is insane. Trust me, try it. Do you guys have any secret spots to tell me about?

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