These ribs turn out so good every time. You'll probably have to make them a few times to really figure out your grill and adjust how you see fit, but they'll be awesome no matter what. I use the traditional 3-2-1 method. Here's what you'll need.

John Henry's Maple Bacon rub. This is a preference for me. You can use whatever rub you like, but man this one sure is good. I got it from American Home Improvement on 1788 and 191. Right behind the Stripes.

2 racks of ribs


BBQ sauce

Heavy duty foil. Yes, it has to be heavy duty.

First thing first. Get your grill between 225 and 250. Now, you have to cut the excess fat and meat off the backside of the ribs. I know it seems like a waste, but you'll thank yourself later. Next, turn the ribs meat side down, and dry them off THOROUGHLY with a paper towel. The reason is, you want to tear that membrane off the back side of the ribs and it's WAY easier when you dry them off. Use a knife to get up under the membrane and once you can get a grip of it, just tear it all the way off. Then take mustard and rub it all over that side of the ribs. You want to coat the ribs. This isn't for a mustard flavor. You won't even taste the mustard when they're done. It's to act as kind of a glue for the rub to stick to. After that, go ahead and throw that maple bacon rub all over that side, flip, dry the ribs off with a paper towel, rub the mustard all over, and then hit em with the rub. Don't be shy with the rub either. Now you're ready to throw those delicious bastards on the grill. Just put them directly on there, meat side up.

ribs start

Cook them for 3 hours. Just leave them alone, and mind your temperatures. I use a pellet grill so this is a MUCH easier task. If you use a stick burner, may the odds be ever in your favor lol. After 3 hours, throw a couple slices of butter on each rack, wrap them tightly in aluminum foil, and throw them back on for 2 hours.

ribs almost

After 2 hours, unwrap them, take your meat brush (HA! I said meat brush), and paint em' with your favorite BBQ sauce. One thing you'll notice is the bones are now sticking out from the meat. This is a good thing...really good. That's a good sign that the meat is getting nice and tender ad separating from the bone. Hence the term, "fall off the bone" ribs. Now you just have to throw them back on the grill directly until they're 203 degrees in the middle. This usually takes about another hour, but don't panic if it takes a little longer. Temperature is more important than time when it comes to BBQ.

ribs Done

Once they hit 203, take em' off the grill and let them sit 15 minutes before slicing. DO NOT touch those damn ribs before that 15 minutes is up. They're gonna smell hella good, but resist. You didn't take this 6 hour long journey just to ruin perfection in the final 15 minutes. After that, enjoy.

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