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We're going to add this to the grossest news in Texas list.

This past Tuesday in Houston Texas, a repairman went into the backyard of a neighborhood residence when he came across a large custom-made brick fire pit. Sadly, he also came across human remains inside the fire pit as well.

Completely freaked out, the repairman immediately left the backyard to call the police.

I can not imagine how terrifying that must have been.

In fact, I had been holding on to hope that this was a practical joke, but according to the Houston Police Department, the remains are real and have been inside the pit for some time.

Several questions remain, most importantly who the body belongs to, but it will take several weeks for forensics to confirm if the skull belonged to an adult, not to mention if the remains are male or female, much less the original cause of death or whom the victim might be.

Police offered that the people who live in the home are all present and accounted for, but that the investigation is ongoing and until more answers are found no one inside the residence has been arrested at this time.

What they do know at this time is that the pit which housed an entire human body was custom built and made to be extra large, perhaps with the intention of burning a body. But how long the body has been in the pit and who committed this crime has yet to be solved. We will keep you posted.


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