When it comes to barbecue, Texans don't play. Many weekends during the summer, specifically this past Memorial Day weekend, it is not unusual for dad to fire up the grill. It is a big deal to get invited to someone's home who can really slay on the grill, on the weekend of a cookout. Family, friends and neighborhood cookouts are cool but these days let me tell you where I've been getting some bomb barbecue from. 

My man introduced me awhile back to a 'food truck with the best barbecue.' I thought yeah sure I hear that often. So one Wednesday during lunch, we head over to Tanglewood in Odessa right behind the mall, in the parking lot of Odessa Camera for some Brantley Creek Barbecue.

A little bit of everything please. Because isn't that what one does when visiting a new barbecue place for the first time? The brisket goes without saying, but one must also try the ribs, sausage, turkey, potato salad and all the other goodies that go with.

So what was the verdict? Once again this man was right! (don't tell him I said that) Holy moly! The best barbecue here locally that I've eaten in a long time. There is not one bad thing on their menu. The only bad thing about Brantley? They sell out, quickly. If you don't get to that food truck early, you may be left out in the cold with no barbecue.

Well over the weekend, I heard the best news I've heard in a long time. Brantley Creek Barbecue is getting a new location. That's right, a Brantley Creek Restaurant is happening! We got a little tease about a new location on Faudree, no exact address yet and no set opening date.

However, for those of us who crave our Brantley Creek Barbecue, weekly, this is excellent news and we will patiently wait for the details. Check out the menu on their website and to stay updated as to when and where the new restaurant will be, visit their Facebook page.

Have you tried Brantley Creek Barbecue yet and are you excited about the new location?

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