I'm in kind of a culinary rut. I've made some awesome things on my pellet grill from American Home Improvement. I got it last Christmas and the very first thing I cooked with it was the Christmas turkey (no pressure) which turned out absolutely amazing. I've mastered the art of revers searing ribeyes and thick cut, bone in pork chops. I battled and conquered the mighty beef brisket, and I have smitten the coveted pork rib. Hell, at the point I've made ribs my B****! Don't get me wrong. I love all of those things. Hell, I'm craving them all as we speak, just typing about it. I even made a meatloaf on the grill and I will definitely be doing that again...very soon. On Mother's Day I made beer can chicken aka drunk chicken with scallops for Tawny. After that, I recently tried my hand at pork belly and homemade smoked mac n cheese with baked beans. To be honest, everything turn out great, but you're better off with box mac n cheese lol. You can still smoke it for that great finishing touch, but the box stuff just has the mixture and consistency down to an art.

Therein lies my problem. Several of these things took a few attempts to perfect which means I've done them multiple times. I need an idea for something different. That's where you come in. Help a brotha out. I need suggestions.

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