Here lately, I've really been getting into cooking on the grill thanks to our pals over at American Home Improvement. I mean, It's pretty easy to get addicted to something when the best supplier is right next door to you. Am I right?

I want new ideas for stuff to smoke. I've heard you can do a cherry cobbler on the grill even, and it tastes amazing. I've been really doing a lot of ribs lately because, as far as smoking something goes, ribs are probably the easiest and take the least amount of time. I've done 3 briskets. The 1st two were..meeeehh, but they weren't as tender as I'd hoped. The last one turned out good though. This weekend I'm doing grilled teriyaki chicken wings and I'm sure they'll turn out pretty good. The Traeger app is actually REALLY bad ass for recipes on the grill. I love how  they don't do like every other online recipe and write a damn biography before they even get to the point. I'm looking for other suggestions though. I'm sure we have a few self proclaimed grill masters out there. Hit me with some ideas.

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