When you head out to the bar, you hear lots of shots being called out to the bartenders. But what brand is the most popular in your state?

When it comes to hard alcohol every drinker swears by their favorite brand and type. So to figure out the most popular in every state BARTENDr analyzed over 700,00 social media sites. Come to find out Texas prefers Jack Daniels while New Mexico enjoys Fireball. When I've ordered shots for friends I would either have to get Jack Daniels or Fireball because that was their preference. Now if I'm going to swallow whiskey I got to have Jack Daniels mixed with Coca-Cola. But if you ever see me having whiskey neat then you know I had a hard day. A particular girlfriend of mine ALWAYS orders Fireball shots when we would go out. Her way of amping us up for Fireball shots would be to call it Christmas in your mouth! In my opinion, I believe Fireball is better for shots than downing it slowly as a drink.

You can see who is drinking what and where on the map (provided by Wide Open Eats) of the most popular liquor based on each state. Most of the country - 42 states prefer whiskey. But not all the same brands. Jack Daniels and Fireball have the most presence, but Jim Beam and Jameson managed to find their way into Michigan and Pennsylvania.

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