We've been seeing all kinds of stuff coming out in anticipation of the last season of Game of Thrones. The 8th and last season of GOT is set to premiere on Sunday, April 14th (at 9/8c) on HBO and there have been promotions and brands like Adidas releasing limited edition GOT commemorative products left and right. Today I read about another brand that teamed up with HBO to really hype up the premiere. No, I haven't, nor will I be purchasing any of the GOT shoes from Adidas but I will for sure be grabbing me some limited edition Game of Thrones Oreos! They are supposed to hit shelves on Monday, April 8th so be on the lookout and if you get there before me, save me some!!!!! Other brands who have followed suit are Mountain Dew with their limited edition GOT can, Johnnie Walker has a limited edition Johnnie Walker White Walker whiskey out and a whiskey brand called Diageo with their release of the limited edition GOT scotch whiskey collection.  I really don't know of any other big brands following suit but if you know of any I've missed please let us know! Send it to us here at KBAT.com, on the KBAT app or in the comments under the link for this blog on the KBAT Facebook page and remember....Winter is coming!

(next Game of Thrones blog-best GOT merch and where to get it)

"Game Of Thrones" Live Concert Experience Announcement Event
Getty Images for Live nation Entertainment

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