People who love Mexicans songs REALLY love Mexicans songs. Like, as in they cry and buy everybody a round of tequila while they sing louder than the guy actually singing the song. I've seen it up close.

But, if you don't speak Spanish, you don't get what all the fuss is about. Well, thanks to Raymond Orta, now even the greenest of Gringos can get entirely too emotional over Mexican music.

For instance, here's the literal, word-for-word translation of that great song, No me Queda Mas.

Here's Volver, Volver. Which, apparently means To Return, To Return.

And, this one is called "Sour Drinks" English. In Spanish it's "Tragos Amargos".

To follow Raymond Orta a good place to start would be his website. He'll be performing tonight in Odessa at 10 Sports Bar and Grill. You should go see him.