It’s the second week of July, the big holiday is behind us and we’ve got our funniest news bloopers from June 2019 ready to go. Every month News Be Funny puts out a compilation of the most hilarious local bloopers from action news teams, accu-weather forecasters and (fill in call letters) works-for-you crews around the world.

If you want to skip around here are a few of the highlights as determined by me.

:25---Turnado Guy

We heard this in July when it happen. A concerned viewer called his local affiliate to give an insightful theory about why there are so many durned turnados lately. Local news gold.

1:32---Excited Man in the Street

British trolls are so much more cleaver than American ones. Here, if you see a local reporter, 9 times out of 10 the American troll will shout out “BLANK her right in the BLANK” and run away. Not so with your classier UK trolls.

6:35---I’d Consider it a Trophy if I Had One

OK, we all know what it LOOKS like. But what was it actually supposed to be? A giant gold mushroom? A baby’s arm holding a crumbled ball of aluminum foil? Now I want to know!

11:05----THIS is How to do a Cooking Segment

I don’t know if the corn really shot into the body cavity that he claims it did but this is some Bill Irwin level physical comedy here.

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