When the Wagner Noel told us Ron White was coming November 16th, we were excited to say the least. He's one of our all time favorite comedians, but when The Wagner Noel told us they were going to help hook our listeners up with front row tickets, we were ecstatic. So here's how it's gonna work.

Starting this Monday, we will tell you on the air when the "WWRD of the Day" is posted. (WWRD = What Would Ron Do) We will post a current crazy news story all next week and ask WWRD. You tell us what you think Ron White would have to say about it. We'll pick our favorite answer each day and that person will win tickets to the show....BUT, the best answer over all will win 1st row tickets. Basically, if you go all week with good answers and you don't win....there's probably a good chance you'll end up in the front row so don't stop trying. Good luck everyone. I know our listeners are twisted enough that this will be a really fun giveaway.

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