A brewery had their beer truck stolen by unknown thieves and offered a keg party to whoever found it. Less than 45 minutes later.....In the most WFT crime story o the week, the Charlotte, North Carolina Brewery Unknown Brewery had their beer truck stolen from their property on May 13th. The brewery posted a photo of the van on their Facebook page, letting people know that any information that led to the discovery of the van would be rewarded by a keg party, courtesy of Unknown Brewery. After that announcement was made on social media, it took only 42 MINUTES before the vehicle was found.

A woman named Caroline said she spotted the van parked on her street and contacted the brewery, notifying them of the van's whereabouts and making sure that the vehicle didn't go missing again. The brewery jokingly told WCNC News that it must be a "new record for finding a stolen van," while some commentors on their social media joked saying "All we need to do to have a keg party is hide your van for 45 minutes." Either way, Caroline will now get the party she deserves, thanks to Unknown Brewing Company.

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