The internet in Texas just about lost its darn minds over the weekend after news broke that Whataburger was being sold. Check out some of the funniest tweets! Texans were left absolutely distraught after learning that their beloved Whataburger had been sold to a Chicago-based investment bank. Little is known about the buyer BDT Capital Partners according to My San Antonio other than they are now the majority owner.

After the news broke on Friday, Texans on Twitter went into an absolute meltdown. Many panicked, thinking that their favorite family-owned burger chain was going to change into someone we don't know anymore. Many famous Texans also took to social media to air their views on the sale of Whataburger. One of the most talked about tweets came from Houston Texans player JJ Watt:

After Watt's tweet went viral, the Texas governor Greg Abbott also weighed in on Whataburger's sale with a meme:

It seems as though almost everyone has an opinion on the sale of Whataburger and whether serious or not, many of them were pretty funny. Here are some of our favorite from Twitter:

While the sale of Whataburger can be scary for many, it could also be a good thing. Whataburger is a delicious Texas tradition that many around the nation wish they could partake in as well. Why should we share our Texas toast? Our honey butter and our green chile burgers with the nation? Let them know why Whataburger is the best burger joint out there for you to enjoy?! So many people from Texas always lament about how we have the best burger option out there, but others can't experience that joy. As long as it doesn't ruin the integrity of the product, we can only hope that this is a step in the right direction and allow us to share our spicy ketchup with the nation!

And if not we riot.

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