Did you guys know there's an app designed to help the blind and people with limited vision? It's an app that you can sign up as a volunteer on that connects you with people who have limited or no vision. You get a call from someone who needs help and if you choose to answer it you get connected with live video. The person may show you a group of bills and ask which one is the $20, $10, ect... or it might be that someone want to wear an article of clothing and they need help finding the color they want. It could be that they are being asked to sign a document and they aren't sure what they're agreeing to. I think it's the coolest thing ever so I signed up immediately and you should to. It's free and you're not obligated to answer a call if you're unable to. I can't wait to get my first call!!!

Sign up right now here on the BeMyEyes app. I have an Android so I found it at the Google Play store but I know it's on the iPhone one too.

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