Guess when a Texas lady says "y'all" it really gets men all hot and bothered. Great news for the Lone Star State. It's safe to say that some accents can just make your heart melt when you hear it. While others are more like nails on a chalkboard. A new survey by Big Seven Travel aimed to look and see which ones people love, and which make someone unattractive in your eyes. While some accents I immediately recognized and knew how it sounds, others left me a little more confused. Topping the list was the easily recognizable and adorable Texan accent, which is good news for all of us on the Lone Star state. Coming in at second was a city over on the East Coast, that must remind people of Mark Walberg shirtless. The Boston accent came in quite high at number two on the list. Rounding out the top three was the New Yorker accent, which made me wonder "Where the hell is the rest of the Southern accents?!" I know plenty of men who get a racing heartbeat when they hear a cute girl from the South talking to them. Alabama deserves better from this list. Check out the top 10 below:

  1. Texas
  2. Bostonian
  3. New York
  4. Mainer
  5. Chicago
  6. Mississippi
  7. Hawaiian
  8. Philadelphia
  9. St. Louis
  10. Californian

So which accents are just simply nails on a chalkboard to people? Bad news for some of the people on the East Coast. The worst accent in the United States award goes to the people in Long Island. The second worst was the Jersey accent, and rounding out the top three was the Minnesotan accent. Strange how one part of New York gets a rave review for the way their voice sounds, while in another borough people are cringing at the sound of their voice. You can check out the entire list on the Big Seven Travel website.

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