The results are in for the Buzz vs. Nico Movember Mustache Growing Contest. Comedian Nico Adjemian resolved that he was going to grow a mustache for No-Shave November. A long, luxurious mustache. We're about to find out how that's worked out for him.

About one week in to the month of November, Nico challenged Buzz Adams to try and catch up with his lip-hair growth. Thus was the Mustache Growing Contest born. At stake, the loser would donate one entire week's paycheck to testicular cancer research.

Buzz looks like Pablo Escobar. Nico? To call what he's got "peach fuzz" would be an insult to the peach's masculinity. This poor SOB...he can't get hair to grow ANYWHERE on his head. Seriously, that's the least amount of facial hair in the history of Armenians...of either gender! The bottom of Kim Kardashian's feet have more hair than Nico's upper lip.

Winner: Buzz.

Loser: Testicular Research, because Nico doesn't get paid.

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