It was 25 years ago today, December 1st, 1992, that the first text message was sent. And the way we communicate with each other was forever changed. What did he first text message ever say? "Merry Christmas"

Now, 25 years later, here are some stats about texting.

  • 80% of adults and 91% of teenagers send at least one message every day.
  • Half of people say messaging has pretty much replaced ALL of their other forms of communication.
  • 67% of people text more than they did two years ago.
  • 56% of us have sent a text just using emojis, and 57% have responded to a message just using a gif.
  • And those things have crossed the final frontier, too:  Old people.  77% of people over 55 use emojis, and 53% have used a gif.

I can honestly say texting is how I communicate for the most part. I almost never talk on the phone, but then again I hate talking on the phone. I will however have a conversation with my family and friends who don't live near me to catch up on things. But, I also text them too.

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