So the girls are settling in thier new home well. I've been driving the girls at Basin Surgical here in Midland crazy I'm sure but they've been so sweet to me. The staff at Medical Spa of Midland and Basin Surgical have made everything about this whole experience so much easier than I thought it would be. They are always so understanding and willing to answer all my questions, even the ones I've already asked! I have a checkup with Dr. Durgin this Thursday, I'm told I'll be given instructions on boobie massaging and after surgery exercises....Chris is pretty excited about that since I told him I'll be needing his help. I'm so ready to start buying new bras!!!! Yesterday Chris was helping me move the beside stand that holds all my swim suits and he was saying I'd have to throw all the tops away, to which I responded "Are you kidding?!? Now they're gonna look WAY better!", he seemed to agree ;-)

Stay tuned for progress pictures!

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