We have an update on the Buzz Adams Morning Show's Celebrity Sex Scandal Roulette.

Quick refresher: each member of the Morning Show had to name one living, male celebrity who they thought would never in a million years be accused in a sex scandal. Then, if that celebrity ever was implicated in such a scandal (the credibility of the accusation being judged by a panel of the participating players) the person who picked them would be required to get a tattoo of the celebrity's face somewhere on their body.

Look, if you'd asked people in the 1980s to pick out the celebrity least likely to be accused of sexual misconduct, LOTS of people would have chosen Bill Cosby. Imagine walking around with a Cosby tat on your bicep today!

Well, wouldn't you know, one of the MoSho cast members picked Tom Hanks for the Sex Scandal Roulette. This brings us to today's shocking video...

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