Asking someone how much they make is near the top of the list of rude questions you should never ask. It's also a question that we all would really like to ask. Every so often we just throw it out there. Here are some of the responses we got last week.

Nicole from El Paso: Corrections officer at the Country Jail says she makes around $43,000 a year.

Lee from San Angelo is a Port-a-Potty driver. He delivers the potties to various sites and also cleans them. He makes around $25,000 a year. Lee did not sound like he loved his job.

Marty from Pecos travels all over west Texas doing work on oil rigs. Marty says he'll make over $200,000 this year. That may sound like a lot of money but in the summer he sometimes has to deal with rattlesnakes.

Stephanie is a hooker in El Paso. She's on something called "Backpage" and she made $96,000 last year and most of that was NOT reported to the IRS. Stephanie actually sounded like she really enjoys her work.

Here are a few more from the latest Bureau of Labor Statistics report. These are all national averages, by the way, so actual, individual salaries could vary pretty widely.

  • Airport Baggage Handlers-------$34,000
  • Veterinarians----------------------$88,000
  • Coal Miners-----------------------$82,00
  • Dental Assistants----------------$37,000
  • Public School Janitors----------$29,000 (but in the NYC Public school system janitors make an average of $109,000 per year!!!)
  • Butchers-------------------------$29,000
  • Plumbers-------------------------A little over $50K a year
  • School Bus Drivers-------------$31,000.

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