We just want to help out. Local business is taking a hell of a hit in all of this and it's everyone's job in a community to take care of each other. I know this may not just solve all the problems, but I truly believe that if we'd take time everyday in this situation to think of how we can help one another, and actually follow through, we can make the world a little bit better place. We always have a good excuse in normal life to say we are just too busy to really take time to help our neighbors. Now, we have no excuses. If anything, please share this, tag some friends who are business owners here in the permian basin, and help us help them. The link for the submission form is below. Just fill out the info and we will get your business on the air with a rotating ad to at least try to help drive more business your way. Together we are Permian Basin Strong. https://kbat.com/kbat-99-9-is-donating-free-commercials-to-odessa-midland-businesses/

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