So I decided to take a stroll down memory lane AKA Kevin Chase's office. Seriously, the guy is a walking Permian Basin nostalgia factory. I came across this gem and thought our listeners would get a kick out of it.

93.3 is now B93 and KBAT is now 99.9, but both are still in our building. I was but a pup back then so my memory of 93.3 growing up here in the Basin is vivid. Back then, even if you didn't listen to rock you knew about "The Bat". What's crazy is, the reason we call it KBAT now, is because even back when the radio station called it "The Bat" constantly, several times an hour back then, the audience STILL called it KBAT lol. Eventually, the station just went with it. What we know as B93 now, was basically Foxy/Power 106 back then. I till remember the giant Power 106 logo painted on the back drop of the wave pool at Water Wonderland. My first memory of ever seeing a radio DJ being live on location is Leo at Water Wonderland yelling and hyping up the crowd...That and later that day being 13 and making out with a 16 year old. I gotta tell you, for a 13 year old boy at a water park, that was a big day for me lol.

What's your first memory of seeing a radio DJ live at a business?

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