Did you know that the Nintendo Switch doesn't have location tracking capabilities? A Nintendo Switch is just a tablet with ninja gaming skills and there isn't a tablet on the market that doesn't have a method of tracking its location in some way. I only know that the Switch doesn't have the capability to track its location because recently, somehow my kids have lost thier Switch...IN OUR HOUSE! That's right, there are only a few possibilities as to the whereabouts of something my youngest literally uses every single day and the most likely of those is that it's lost in our house somewhere. But I can't be sure considering there's no way to track it's location.  Of all the ways that modern technology has advanced and made finding things and people more easy you would think this device would be on the top of the list of devices highly used by children that would merit the addition of this simple little feature. Sadly, and after much research by use of text messages compared with social media posts and ring door bell video, all I can say is that the most likely location of the missing Switch is right where it should be, somewhere in the house. Maybe the new one coming out will include the new era, space age technology but until then I know 2 boys who are gonna be saving thier chore money for quite some time before they get that device replaced.

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