Week 3 has really turned out a few surprises. Going into this week I said the 2 top teams are Houston and The DC Defenders...not so much now. The Roughnecks are still in that bracket I think. They're fun to watch and their QB is phenomenal. As far as the Defenders go...not so much. LA destroyed them last night. The Wildcats were supposedly one of the worst teams in the league, but they stepped up their game in a big way last night and made the Defenders look silly. I think one of the factors that contributed to the huge difference in how the Wildcats played was the fact that they have a complex NFL playing style and we may have witnessed them finally starting to come together as a team.

I think we'll see a lot of that this first season. I'm hoping that's the case for the Renegades. While Landry Jones has pulled out a W for both the games he's played, Dallas is still looking sluggish on the offense. The Renegades defense has done a great job, but it's a damn good thing they have. Jones threw a couple of interceptions on Saturday and again, left the fans mumbling, "Who the hell was he throwing to?" Personally, I'm not on board team Landry. I'm hoping he'll change my mind soon, because next week it's Houston VS Dallas.

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