Don't even try to act like you didn't LOVE Forensic Files.  Everybody watched that show just as much as they watched Unsolved Mysteries.  Well, Forensic Files II is back on HLN and I couldn't be more excited guys! Actually, the first episode already aired on Sunday. The original aired from 1996 - 2011 and the interest never waned for this story type telling of all sorts of murder and mayhem.  The one thing that could play against the shows reboot is the absence of, what I always thought was, the best part of the show.  The amazingly smooth and slightly creepy but in a perfect way, narration by Peter Thomas.  The reboot will have Bill Camp ("The Outsider", "The Night Of") stepping in as the voice of this iconic pioneer in true crime television.  Like I said the first episode aired on the 23rd and you can expect to see another episode on the HLN cable channel on Sunday night at 10 p.m. E.T.  Hulu Live subscribers will also have the show available for streaming.

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