My kid loves and has always loved and preferred playing my old Gameboy over all his other high tech gaming devices. He has a small collection of games that he plays all the time. One that was in the Gameboy when he found it and the rest we procured from vintage stores and Ebay. I've always worried about what's going to happen when that one finally gives out. Not to worry! Apparently Nintendo has a warehouse full of them! Ok, maybe not "full" of them. They're have to be hoarding a few at the very least. Recently a 95 year old woman who loves her some Tetris wrote in to the companies customer service in a hand written letter explaining to them that her third Gameboy device had given out and she hadn't been able to have it repaired. When the company replied they told her what we all would have guessed they were going to say...that they no longer had the parts needed to repair her device, however, with the reply they sent they also included a brand new Gameboy that they had found in a warehouse and wished her many more years of playing. So that leads me to believe that Nintendo has squirreled away a stockpile of these nifty little devices and they ain't sharing!

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