My inner fat kid is going nuts right now. I'm hungry and thinking about going to Raising Cane's for lunch, but man that line is still insane. That got me to thinking about other places to eat that should come to the basin. My top choice for fast food is In N Out. A lot of people say it isn't all that but, I don't think they get the point of In N Out. The menu is incredibly simple, but there's a reason behind that. Every time you go to In N Out, you know EXACTLY what to expect and it will be fast and fresh. The bun is perfectly toasted every time. The lettuce and tomato are still ice cold and crisp despite the patty being sizzling hot every single time. That's the advantage of a simple menu. The food is served exactly as it was intended to be served. Personally, I am a man who appreciates the perfection of simplicity.

My choice for a sit down restaurant, has got to be Pappadeaux. I cant say this enough. We DO NOT have enough sea food places to eat in this area. When I went to college in Dallas, that was one of my favorite places to go. It's not as good as the sea food in Florida or on the east coast, but that's kinda hard to get this far inland. What's your pick?

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