I was once again impressed by how well many of the games were played. The Roughnecks and The DC Defenders are the 2 teams that are really standing out so far in my opinion. Sadly, I'm not quite sure about my Renegades. I know Landry Jones has missed a lot of practice due to injury and he was shaking out the cobwebs. He did clean it up towards the end of the game and pulled out the win, but my biggest concern is his mobility.

In today's football, it is extremely important to have a QB who can move like a running back. Landry Jones DOES NOT have at quality at all. He moves like Tom Brady when it comes to the scramble. That is a big issue for me. Tom Brady is Tom Brady. When you have an arm like his, you can get away with things like limited speed and agility. Landry Jones just doesn't have that level of talent. On top of that, he's afraid to take a hit. He slid short of the 1st down against a defender WHO WAS CHASING HIM FROM BEHIND! He could have easily taken a light hit and fell forward for the 1st, but was so afraid to get hit, he slid long before contact could have been made. Maybe he was still protecting an injury and playing it safe, but that for me was a big deciding factor as to what potential he has going forward. Could he be a good QB? Absolutely. Is there a chance at him being an NFL starting level QB? I just don't see it.

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