The Morning Show decided to have another "friendly" competition to see which morning show member could channel their inner Daryl Dixon and shoot various objects. Buzz once again started buying random things online and purchased an expensive bow and arrow that may or may not have been overpriced. Buzz wanted the members of the morning show to go out and see who had the best skills when it came to shooting. We went down to Sportsman's Elite on Doniphan to use their archery range and let the competition begin.

After no practice and setting up the shooting area, the morning show all took their turn trying to hit various objects, including a juice bottle, liter of soda, a watermelon, a straw target and even a target boar. Unfortunately for the MoSho crew, we found out just how terrible the bow and arrow that Buzz bought was. The team at Sportman's Elite told us that the bow was actually made out of PVC pipe, and the arrows were made of a flimsy wood. To try and help us make the arrows sharper, they actually got a pencil sharpener out to try and give them a better point. They didn't help with the first arrow shot by Buzz, since it actually bounced off of the target!

Check out the video above and see which member of the MoSho was the best at channeling their inner Katniss Everdeen.

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