Weird Christmas Traditions

The following is a list of some super weird Christmas traditions but first some Tawny Traditions.
Everyone has Christmas traditions and my super weird family is no different. Every year everyone gets to open one gift on Christmas eve but it’s a pre-selected gift. We get each other pajamas and that’s the one gift we all open on Christmas eve so that we wake up on Christmas day to open our presents in them. I’ve been unknowingly partaking in one the weird Christmas traditions below for the last three or four years. In case you didn’t know, I love pickles. I eat them on everything and I can eat them by themselves by the handfuls. Pickle flavored chips are a rare find but one of my faves for sure, so when I came across a shiny pickle ornament a few years ago you bet your ass I grabbed it and started hanging it in my tree every year.
We do Elf on the Shelf and driving around to look at Christmas lights as well but those seem like pretty normal traditions.

Wrapping gifts in the most outrageous way-I’ve done this before and it’s always super satisfying. Last year when I wrapped Docs Bob Ross stuff I put together the easel, set it up then wrapped it just like that, threw the other stuff in between the legs so it was too heavy to lift. Too bad we know each other too well, he knew what it was….cause he got me all the same stuff. For the boys I both them both a pack of plain white socks and then wrapped them inside seven or eight boxes with super strong packing tape on all the edges.

Unwrapping gifts in order of age- I can’t say that we’ve ever done this but I’ve around some families that have and it made me want to jump out a window.

Watching the Simpsons Pilot on Christmas Eve-Apparently this is actually something a ton of people do, however I’ve never heard of it.

Dirty Secret Santa-I’ve done this before. Exchanging dirty gifts for secret Santa and guessing who your secret Santa is based on the gift. Really lets you know how well a group of friends knows each other.

Opening Tamales on Christmas Eve-Ok so the tamale thing may not seem weird to us here in west Texas but there are people in Wisconsin that don’t understand why we place so much importance on this particular Mexican food item at Christmas.

Hiding a pickle ornament in the tree-This tradition is supposedly a German tradition but in the US those who have adopted this sour tradition hide the pickle somewhere in the tree (or in the house) and whomever finds it first gets to open the first gift. I have a pickle ornament in the tree but I just really like pickles.

Those are just the ones I know about, I’m sure you’ve got some wacky holiday traditions too so let’s hear em!

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