Have you seen those shot glasses that have real bullets embedded in them? I see them all time while I’m browsing for Christmas gifts on my Amazon Prime and occasionally they’ll pop up in an advertisement on my Facebook feed. Well there’s a company in Wisconsin that makes those and there companywide Christmas gift is pretty ballsy. BenShot, the novelty glass company, gifted it’s small group of employees with a gift card that was to be used for the purchase of a firearm. Each employee was required to take a gun-safety course before they could receive their gift and the store they purchased their gun from took care of the background checks. All 16 of the company’s employees were given a choice of what gun they wanted as long as it was under $500, meaning the entire staff of BenShot is fully armed. The glasses are pretty cool too check em out BenShot.com

Scott Olson, Getty Images

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