Did you know there was a real life Dexter? Well, not exactly but pretty damn close. How do you feel about murders, drug dealers, rapists, and even just people who fired someone over false information? I’m not sure about that last one but for the most part Pedro Rodrigues Filho could be labeled as justified serial killer. Ok, not really, not now and not then either apparently because he still went to jail even though most of his murders were of very bad people. It’s said that he’s responsible for at least 70 murders, (which is still less than that of Samuel Little)10 he committed before he even turned 18. It all started before he was even born in 1954 in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Pedro was born with an injured skull as a result of a beating his mother received at the hands of his father while she was pregnant so apparently violence runs in the family. Fast forward to 1968, Pedro is only 14 but he jumps on the fast track to serial killer status when he guns down the town vice-mayor for firing his father for allegedly stealing food from the school and then later does the same to the guard who really committed the theft. After that Filho kills a drug dealer. Then he falls in love and in classic Hollywood movie fashion his beautiful wife is murdered by gang members and well, you know what that means…. Yep, he tracks down as many of the gang members related to her murder he could find, torturing them and killing them on his mission to find the one who took his wife’s life.
After that yet another woman in Pedro’s life that he loved was murdered, this time in a far more gruesome manner, she was killed with a machete by Pedro’s own father. You guessed it! Daddy had to go. Pedro’s father was doing time in a local prison so he went to visit him, he stabbed him 22 times and then cut out his heart and chewed on it.
Filho was eventually arrested on May 24, 1973. They threw him in a police car with two other soon to be jail birds, one of which being a rapist, and wouldn’t ya know it when they opened the doors to unload the criminals they discovered that Filho had killed the rapist.
Prison didn’t slow Pedro down, oh no sir, in fact he was like a kid in a candy shop with all those convicts. He killed at least 47 of his fellow inmates, the ones he said he felt deserved retribution. Even with all that fascinating story line I just gave you I bet you wouldn’t believe none of it is even the craziest part. The part that really made my jaw drop was that because of all the crimes he committed in and out of jail he racked up sentence of 400 years but by Brazilian law the maximum prison sentence is 30 years….so in 2007, he was released.

Don't believe me? Google it.

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