I've been working on a way to make personalized KBAT merch available for listeners for a while.

Rosa Lujan Martinez

I've been designing my KBAT staff shirts ever since I started on the air, like 12 years ago.

Josh Wilson

It's not as simple as one might think but it has to be possible right?

Karen Sweeden

What if I told you it was?

Andrew Galletti
Dustin Bryan
Whit Nick Inz
Melissa Adkinson
Tammy Jones
Chris Davis
Johnny Wynne
Ashley Bruno Long
Jesus Molina
Paula Bolton Parso
Tina Ramesar

Joshua Sadberry ^

Alexandria Siller

I had so many people respond to my question about nicknames I just couldn't get them all on a shirt in time but if you want to see yours let me know and I'd be happy to post it and tag you.

So would you buy your shirt?