There are two types of people when it comes to decoration for the holidays. People like me who put up a tree and call it good, and people like Tawny the Rock Chick who go all out...Seriously, we have 2 trees in our house. One for us boys which is comic book themed btw, and Tawny's tree which literally looks like something out of Whoville.

The worst part is getting up on the roof and putting up the lights. Maybe I should invest in a taller ladder but I have to get up on the roof and reach over the edge once we get to the highest part over our garage. Not the greatest feeling in the world, but if I didn't do it, Tawny would and we just can't have that. Seriously, she's really clumsy and would probably die.

Luckily that's all I have to do as far as lights. Normally that wouldn't cut it for her but because of projectors, I can throw a quick line of lights up and blow up the rest of the house with projected lights. Being a lazy decorator with a demanding significant other, I have to choose my weapon of choice carefully. Here's the one I use. I'm just tryin' ta help a brother out.

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