Odessa City Councilman  Malcolm Hamilton has already been in the news several times for what some may consider highly inappropriate behavior from a person in the kind of position he's in.  The temperamental councilman found himself in a heated exchange on Monday with an Odessa resident that felt she needed to make her opinion known and of all places on Facebook. Times they are a changing folks. In an article on Cbs7 Norma Alvarez said she's tired of Hamilton's antics and decided to speak her mind. She must've made him pretty made because at some point he told her to "please go die somewhere". Not what you'd expect from a city representative right? How is this not a bigger issue is what I want to know? This isn't even the worst outburst we've seen from Hamilton, because of his volatile behavior a police officer is now stationed at Odessa City Hall and not long after that he cussed out an Odessa American reported calling him homosexual and and then saying his boss was a bitch.  When someone from Cbs7 reached out to Hamilton about the Facebook confrontation Hamilton stuck to his guns saying she deserved it for insulting him first? What are we twelve? That sounds like something a child would say.  I'm not sure how city councils work but isn't there a rule against this kind of stuff? How long are you going to allow this to continue Odessa? The council has said that they are discussing a new "code of ethics" for themselves...well duh! So what are you going to do about this people of Odessa? Is this even a big deal to anybody? What do you think should be done?

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