A team USA soccer star was kicked out of Disney world after playing a drinking game and, shockingly, getting drunk.

Alex Morgan is known for her work on the USA soccer team, but she recently made headlines for the work she did during a drinking game at Disney World. Morgan and a group of friends were visiting Disney's Epcot Sunday night when the group decided to play the drinking game, according to an Instagram post. For Around The World, players have to drink an alcoholic beverage in every country in the theme park. The game is fairly popular to visitors of the theme park, I even played it once. I didn't make it past about four countries before I had to tap out.

Not Alex Morgan though.

TMZ, some members of the group, including Morgan and fellow MLS star Donny Toia, were detained and became "belligerent, screaming and yelling." The group was removed from the theme park and Morgan apologized to her fans on

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