When Melania Trump's speech turned out to be a heavily plagiarized version of the speech Michelle Obama gave 8 years ago at the DNC...

...my only question was "How could this have happened in the age of YouTube and Twitter". Nobody in their right mind could have thought they'd get away with it and, sure enough, before Mrs. Trump had even left the stage, people were posting side by side comparison videos.

That the speech was copied from Mrs. Obama's speech is undeniable. Oh, the Trump camp will try to deny it (and I can't wait to get home so I can see them try. I wouldn't be surprised if they try to spin it that Michelle actually stole the speech from Melania). But, come on. Not even the most ardent Trump supporter can watch this and honestly claim no plagiarism happened.

The proof is incontrovertible. Key parts of the Michelle speech were lifted. But...how could this happen.

I have two theories. The first makes Melania look like and idiot. The second is full-blown conspiracy coo-coo talk.


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Melania actually DID write the speech herself. Being a political newbie, she just Googled "What would a great First Lady say in a speech" and the Michelle Obama video was the first thing that popped up. Coming from the world of being a super hot model, it would make sense that Melania would be unfamiliar with concepts such as "intellectual honesty" and "proper citation". Heck, coming from her background as a hot person, she probably doesn't even know that some people actually have to pay for drinks at a bar. But, could she possibly be such a bimbo? Yes!


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OK, this is where the outhouse-rat-insanity starts so get out the tin-foil. What if...

Say there is a mole in the Trump campaign. Someone who realizes that President Trump would be bad, not only for America, but for the whole world. Now, say that person has been tasked with "helping" Melania write her speech for the RNC.

Maybe that person decides that this is their big chance to sabotage the Trump campaign. Are you with me?

Now, our heroic agent saboteur knows that they can't just write a bunch of negative or crazy stuff for Melania to read. She's a gold-digger not Ron Burgundy. They've got to write something that can be read by, first Melania, and then maybe one or two campaign workers. It all looks good so they go ahead and green-light the speech.

It's only after the speech that the trap is well and truly sprung. Melania Trump has just given a speech that was originally done by Michelle Obama. Donald Trump can't say enough bad things about Obama and what's the first thing his own wife does when she gets in the spotlight? She plagiarizes a speech by the evil Kenyan's wife! The saboteur can't even be fired now because Melania took all the credit for writing the speech herself!

And then...THEN! Just as kind of a wink to his or her admirers, the saboteur included a little Easter Egg. As if to say, "You see what I'm doing? You're welcome" they wrote a Rick Roll into Melania Trump's speech. Oh, you didn't know that Melania Rick Rolled the entire RNC? Well, sit back and enjoy as this conspiracy is confirmed for you beyond any doubt...

We salute you, Brave Patriot. The world may never know your name, but a grateful nation thanks you!