About 2 weeks before the disappearance of ZuZu Renee Verk, a classmate of hers says that Zuzu mentioned to him that she was interested in transferring to A&M and that she didn’t feel safe, that her tires had been slashed recently and said “I don’t think that Robert had slashed my tires, but he may have done it.”
Friends of Zuzu that were interviewed say it’s no secret that Fabian has a reputation around town for being overly jealous and aggressive.
Tuesday, October 11th 2016
During the day Zuzu was finishing up a mid-term at school (which she aced, according to her mother Lori Verk)
5pm-Verk’s mother, Lori, says she missed a call from her daughter but when she returns the call at 6pm it goes straight to voicemail.
During the day Verk is said to have gone to a movie at Rangro Theater, 109 East Holland Ave, Alpine, TX, with a group of friends that included Robert Fabian. In October 2016 there are various possibilities as to what movie the group watched, Fantastic Beasts, Billy Lynn’s Long Halftime Walk and Bad Santa 2 came out at the end of November 2016 and Max Steel at the beginning of October 2016.
Verk and Fabian were texting back and forth during the day, Verk saying that she was having back pain. Fabian invites Zuzu to his house for a romantic dinner and massage after the movie.
Between 9pm and 10pm-John Franco, Fabian’s downstairs neighbor at the apartments located across from the Sul Ross University at 405 N Harrison, says he can hear Fabian playing music, moving stuff around and can smell food cooking.

Last place Zuzu is known to be alive
Last place Zuzu is known to be alive

10:12pm-The last communication Zuzu’s phone delivered was a text message to Robert’s phone.
(I think it’s safe to say Zuzu likely showed up at Robert’s apartment not long after the last text message she sent him at 10:12pm so let’s guess… ) around 10:15-10:30pm
10:15pm-11pm-John Franco, the downstairs neighbor, says that Verk arrives (he observes her car parked in front of the apartment) and the two can be heard in conversation and occasionally laughing. He says things get quite until 11pm.
11pm-Franco and his girlfriend at the time, Abigail, say they hear Verk and Fabian arguing. They say they hear one “Shut the F*** up”
October 12th 2016
Between 1am and 2am-Franco says he awakes to Robert’s television playing a movie real loud and hears “unique sounds” from Robert’s bed at the same time.
Sometime before 3am Franco says he hears Robert pacing back and forth across the apartment and hears the shower running and hears what he thinks is Robert getting into the shower.
Just before 3am-Franco’s girlfriend says she hears a “loud thud on the stairs” just before 3am.
3:15am-Robert tries to call his friend Chris Estrada twice and also sends him communications through Snapchat.
Approximately 4am-The girlfriend wakes Franco up approximately 4am on Wednesday, October 12th, 2016 because she heard a loud noise that she believes is someone trying to break in.
John Franco gets out of bed to investigate around 4am and at that time observes Robert leave in his Jeep without Zuzu and observes Verk’s vehicle still parked outside the apartment.
6:15am (aprrox)-Meredith Imler (Zuzu’s neighbor) reported observing Zuzu’s dog (Ponyo) loose.
6:30am-Zuzu’s phone shuts off.
7:45am-Josh Cobos says he drives by Fabians apartment on his way to work and notices that his car is not there. He tells investigators that this is unusual.
8:30am-Meredith Imler sent Robert a Facebook message alerting him that Zuzu’s dog was outside of Zuzu’s house running around with a green leash attacked. (Miles Verk, Zuzu’s brother told investigators that Zuzu habitually used a red leash to walk her dog).
8:40am-9am-Alpine animal control officer recovered Zuzu’s dog one block from Zuzu’s residence and observed the dog attached to a green leash. He knocked on the front door of Zuzu’s residence but no one answered. The animal control officer returned the dog to the back yard and closed the gate. Zuzu’s brother, Miles Verk, state that Zuzu habitually did not lock the back door to her residence. Robert told investigators he “has a thing for locking doors.”
9:30am-Franco says he sees a mattress cover belonging to Fabian in the dryer and other items of clothing belonging to Fabian in the washing machine. He says Verk’s vehicle is still parked at the apartment.
10:45am-When John Franco leaves for work he says Verk’s vehicle is still parked at the apartments and Roberts had not returned. He says it’s unusual for Verk’s vehicle to still be there because she typically left early in the morning when she stayed with Robert.
9pm-Midnight-Chris Estrada says that he is with Robert Fabian from 9pm to about midnight.
(John Franco the downstairs neighbor at Fabian’s apartment tells investigators that beginning Wednesday, October 12, 2016, Robert consistently ceased sleeping at this apartment.)
9pm- Confirmed by electronic data obtained from a remote computing service used by Chris Estrada at approximately 9pm Chris Estrada is at Robert Fabians sister Jocelyn Carrillo and brother in-law, James Carrillo. Estrada says he is there to pick Fabian up.

Fabians sisters house
Fabians sisters house

9pm-10:15pm-Electronic data confirms that between 9pm and 10:15pm Chris Estrada was at Guzzi Up, witnesses saw Robert and Chris together at Guzzi Up.

Guzzi Up
Guzzi Up

10:15pm-10:20pm-Chris Estrada tells investigators that between approx 10:15pm until 10:20pm he drove Robert to the Dollar General store and let him use his credit card to purchase three plastic painter’s drop cloths. Surveillance footage from Dollar General shows Robert purchasing three packaged items resembling plastic painter’s drop cloths during the 10pm period and credit card information associated with Chris Estrada shows the card was used to purchase three plastic painter’s drop cloths at approx. 10:15pm on October 12, 2016.


10pm-James Carrillo, Robert’s brother-in-law told law enforcement that his wife, Jocelin Carrillo, woke him up sometimes after he went to sleep around 10pm on October 12th, 2016, asking if Robert could borrow his truck, which he agreed.
10:20pm-10:40pm-Electronic data shows that between approx. 10:20pm until 10:40pm Chris Estrada was back at Robert’s sister’s house.
10:40-12am-Electronic data shows that Chris Estrada was at Robert’s apartment located at 405 N. Harrison Street.
Thursday October 13th, 2016
12am-12:20am-Electronic data shows that between approx. midnight and 12:20am Chris Estrada was at or near various commercial dumpsters in the area.
12:20am-Electronic data shows that at approx. 12:20am Chris Estrada was at Robert’s sister’s house.
12:30am-2:45am-Electronic data shows that between 12:30am and 2:45am Chris Estrada was at his friend, Brittney Gasca’s house. During which time Brittney tells investigators that Chris showed up at her house and was acting strange and looked very bothered to the extent that it scared her. Brittney told Chris that he was scaring her and he replied “I don’t want to get you involved. Don’t ask questions.” Brittney asked if it was anything “newsworthy. Chris shrugged his shoulders and state, “If it is newsworthy, I didn’t do anything, I’m okay.”
Friday October 14th 2016
6:30pm-Josh Cobos tells investigators that at approx. 6:30pm on Friday night, after news of Zuzu’s disappearance was made public, Robert tells Josh, “If I know a really big secret and two people know it, then the other has to be dead.” Robert saw that this statement concerned Josh and he told Josh that he was joking. Robert tells Josh that he needs to retrieve is laptop so he could delete Facebook posts because such statements did not look good as he was a suspect in the missing person investigation of Zuzu. Cobos turns the laptop over to police who state, according to a search affidavit, that the computer “…contained items that Robert Fabian wanted to remove from social media…”


Josh Cobos tells investigators that days after Zuzu went missing, Robert Fabian stops by the shop acting nervous and asks to borrow Josh’s phone to call Chris Estrada’s girlfriend. Josh says he hears Robert say “Let me talk to Chris…” and then he walks out of ear shot to speak in private.
Cobos tells investigators that Chris Estrada stopped by the gas station Cobos’s family runs that he manages to get his car professionally detailed. He says Estrada comes by on three different occasions each time more eager than the next to get the vehicle cleaned but Cobos tells Estrada they are very busy that day.
Josh Cobos states that by Sunday October 16th, 2016, the white 2016 Mustang has been cleaned.
Friday October 14th (15th) 2016 (the day Zuzu is officially reported missing)
Investigators search Fabian’s apartment, they do not find any sheets or pillow cases on his bed. One of the three painter’s drop cloths is discovered. The other two are not. Police name Fabian as a suspect in the disappearance if Zuzu Verk.
February 3rd 2017
Remains are found in a shallow grave off Wagon Road and Gage Lane where the two roads “Y” in Sunny Glen, northwest of Alpine around 10am by a Border Patrol agent. The remains are found just off the side of the road in a “well concealed” area that had previously been searched.


February 4th 2017 (a search warrant is executed at the home of Robert Fabian’s sister’s house)
Robert Fabian is arrested and charged with murder and tampering with or fabricating physical evidence in concealing a human corpse.
February 6th 2017 Remains are confirmed using dental records as that of Zuzu Verk
Chris Estrada is arrested in Phoenix, Arizona and charged with tampering with or fabricating physical evidence by concealing a human corpse.
March 18th 2017 Robert Fabian is indicted by a grand jury for murder in connections with the case.
August 2017 a judge grants a change of venue
Robert Fabian was transferred from the Brewster County jail to the Caldwell County jail on December 28th, 2017.
Robert’s trial was previously set for July 23rd 2018 but has since been rescheduled for 2019 with no specific date as of yet.


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